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Travel to Sapa

There is a land of promise for your enjoyment and experience, a land filled with flowers and fog for you to explore year round four. And nowhere else is Sapa - a vast flower paradise with vibrant colors. You can go to Sapa in the spring to see the flowers plum blossom bloom, you come to Sapa to admire the beauty of azaleas or enjoy the delicate beauty of autumn triangular flowers, do not forget to Sapa the winter to see the brilliant yellow flowers here. With Sapa Mist tour Sapa to feel and ecstatic in the flower season!

Season Sapa annually welcomes many visitors to visit and experience shooting. This is a lovely and memorable flower season in Sapa because it gives people a sense of peace and relaxation. Sapa flower season starts from late December to after Lunar New Year. Ever rhythmic rain clouds spread across Sapa make the beauty of the field of flowers add splendor, vibrate in the wind like to invite tourists. Broccoli is a kind of blooming flower that is the first occasion, it only has a life span of about 20 days so in order to enjoy the wonderful harvest season in Sapa, visitors choose the most appropriate time.

Sapa flower season attracts many tourists. The promised land of Sapa promises to give you a lot of interesting and attractive experience. You are still wondering, come to enjoy the beauty of peace Sapa any rape! 

Visitors to Sapa can easily travel to Sapa. The roads are built quite nice and convenient, there are many facilities for the movement of visitors such as passenger cars, buses, aircraft, by motorcycle, ...

and an indispensable means of transport for Sapa is the train. This is a vehicle chosen by many people because it brings interesting things that if you go by car or plane, visitors will not feel.

We would like to share some Sapa travel experiences by train to travelers to make your trip more convenient and better.

1: Buy tickets

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2: The cruise notation you should know
When traveling by train, you need to know the symbols on the train to facilitate travel, travel, avoid unwanted confusion.

NC: Hard seats
NCL: hard seat air conditioning
NM: Soft seats
NML: soft seat air conditioner
BnT1: Hard floor on 1st floor
BNT2: Hard floor 2
BNT3: Hard bed on 3rd floor

Types of seats for visitors to choose from

BnLT1: hard floor level 1
BnLT2: hard floor level 2
BnLT3: Hard Floor Level 3
AnT1: soft floor 1
AnT2: soft floor 2
AnLT1: soft floor level 1
AnLT2: Soft bed regulating floor 2
GP: additional seat
3: Some types of ships
We offer some types of trains for your trip to Sapa. Guests can choose the most suitable one for themselves.

Quick ship from SP1 to SP8.

Type of ship: SP1
SP1 (fast train) is the fastest train from Hanoi to Sapa (Lao Cai), less on the road at the station. Boat prices do not include meals for visitors on the itinerary.
Departure time from Hanoi to Lao Cai: 21h10 minutes. Time to Lao Cai: 5h25 minutes
Ticket categories: AnLT1, AnLT2
Running time is about 8 hours.

Type of ship: SP2
SP2 rates do not include meals for visitors on board.
Type of SP3 ship
Type SP4
Type SP7
Type of ship SP8
Types of trains for travelers to choose to suit their trip!

Slow ship

LC1 Slow boat HN - Sapa
Runtime: about 9 hours
Ticket categories: NC, NML, BnLT1, BnLT2, BnLT3

LC2 Sapa slow train - HN
Runtime: about 9 hours
Ticket categories: NC, NML, BnLT1, BnLT2, BnLT3

LC3 The slowest boat HN - Sapa
Runtime: about 9 hours
Ticket categories: NC, NML, BnLT1, BnLT2, BnLT3
The bed is luxurious for visitors

The bed is luxurious for visitors to ensure the quietest and most comfortable!

LC4 The slowest boat in Sapa - HN
Runtime: about 9 hours
Ticket categories: NC, NML, BnLT1, BnLT2, BnLT3
Boats are running, which usually run on peak occasions

LC5 HN-Sapa Booster
LC6 Booster Sapa-HN
LC7 HN-Sapa Booster
LC8 Booster Sapa-HN
LC9 HN-Sapa Booster
LC10 Booster Sapa-HN

Please share your feelings with us Viet Railways

Have a good trip!

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