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Sapa travel experience by train 2N1Đ

You want to make a trip to Sapa as well as friends, but are worried about the cost of the trip. Do not know how much travel Sapa needs? How to save the cost of traveling to Sapa and still be able to play and explore the whole beauty scene here? If you really care, then follow the article below, will guide Sapa 2 days 1 night by train with 1 million in full and most detail for your reference.

You want to make a trip to Sapa as well as friends, but are worried about the cost of the trip. Do not know how much travel Sapa needs? How to save the cost of traveling to Sapa and still be able to play and explore the whole beauty scene here? If you really care, then follow the article below, will guide Sapa 2 days 1 night by train with 1 million in full and most detail for your reference.

Sapa 2N1Đ tourism needs to prepare what? Essential items for Sapa travel by train

If you want to travel to Sapa by train conveniently and safely, there are some essential items that cannot be missing:

Money: An indispensable thing when traveling. You should bring a reasonable amount of money to cover your expenses, and bring your ATM card to prevent it from running out of money, or incidents. Do not carry too much cash, to avoid falling and not control the level of spending.

Personal belongings: In some motels and cheap hotels in Sapa often do not equip customers with personal belongings, so you need to bring some of the following items: Toothbrush, toothpaste, face towel, shampoo ...

Clothing: Depending on the travel time you bring clothes accordingly. If you go in the summer, in addition to wearing lightweight clothes, you should still bring 1, 2 mats of thin coats, because the night temperature may be low. Sapa travel in winter is very cold (Sometimes snow appears), so you really need to equip thick enough warm clothes, scarves, socks, socks, hats ...

Shoes: Prepare a pair of dedicated climbing shoes, or sports shoes that wrap your legs to facilitate movement.

Sapa map: You can buy at bookstores where you live or come to Sapa to buy. This map will help you find a better, easier way to avoid getting lost.

Camera: Bring it to be able to record pictures as a souvenir when traveling to Sapa. Besides, remember to bring your battery charger and memory card.

Snacks: To save Sapa travel expenses, you should prepare some fast food such as cakes, candy, water, ... to be able to serve on the journey. Or, if you don't like it, you can buy it on the way, because you can buy it at the train stops.

ID: Bring some identification documents such as ID card, driver's license ... to be able to make room and car rental procedures.

Sapa travel should 2N1D at what time? The ideal time to travel Sapa

With a diverse climate, visitors will experience 4 spring - summer - autumn - winter seasons in just one day. However, considering the general weather, the climate in Sapa is cool all year round, so you can make a trip to Sapa at any time of the year. But according to Sapa travel experience, fun, interesting and interesting, you can refer to some of the following times:

-If you want to explore Sapa's natural scenery and experience unique festivals in Sapa, you should make the trip between March and May and from September to November, which is the time of travel Sapa is the most ideal.

- In which time April and May is the time of rice planting season, you will be watching the people here racing to transplant on terraced rice fields extremely interesting. In particular, this time is also the season of flowers in Sapa blooming, creating a fresh, very attractive natural space.

- In September is the season of ripe rice in Sapa, the whole space here is dyed a beautiful golden color. Therefore, this is also considered the peak time of Sapa tourism.

How to travel Sapa by train

From your home, go to Hanoi Railway Station, catch trains with routes to Hanoi - Lao Cai. The price of hard seat train tickets here is about VND 140,000 / person on weekdays and VND 150,000 / person on weekends.

After going to Lao Cai station, you can stop at the stop in front of the station to see the bus waiting point. Standing here waiting for about 15 minutes will see the bus Lao Cai - Sa Pa - Lao Cai, then you jump into the car and ask the driver to let down Sapa. Ticket price fluctuates around 30,000 - 50,000VND.

Next, go find a motel in Sapa to make accommodation and rest. Here you can rent a motorbike at the motel, hotel to make a trip to explore Sapa. Motorbike rental price in Sapa is about VND 80,000 / day + VND 50,000 for petrol.

Note when traveling to Sapa by Mart train:

If you want to bring motorbike to Sapa, you can send motorbike on board. However, according to my own train ride experience I recommend you, when you bring a motorbike on the train, you should leave only a little bit of gasoline in the car, because it is always drained of gas, but not returned.

Motorbike fee is about VND 200,000 + VND 50,000 for the person who takes the car at the head of Hanoi + VND 50,000 for the driver of the car in Lao Cai port, this is considered "the law of the ship" so you must follow . So in order to save money the best 2 day 1 night travel Sapa, you should not bring a motorbike, so when you come to Sapa, you can rent a motorbike here to move much cheaper. The sending of motorbikes by ship is only suitable for long-term travel.

Where should when traveling Sapa? Cheap motels and hotels in Sapa

The system of motels and hotels in Sapa is very diverse, from affordable to high-end hotels in Sapa. However, to save money travel Sapa most effectively you should find the dorm room or ask to stay in the house of the people in the village as well. But for tourists who have experience in Sapa travel self-sufficient and cheap they share, if you want to apply for free stay at people's houses, when you go, you should bring old clothes, old books and newspapers ... to make gifts giving more to the children in the village will make a lot more sense.

If you want to find dorm accommodation cheap from a few dozen to 100,000 VND / night as a place to stay, you can refer to some cheap motels in Sapa such as:

Green Valley Hotel: 45 Muong Hoa Street, Sapa City Center.
- Lowest reference room rate is about 3.46 USD.
Go Sapa Hotel: No. 25 Thac Bac Street, Sapa Town, Sapa City Center.
- Lowest reference room rate is about 3.46 USD.
Fansipan Terrace Cafe and Homestay: 067 Fansipan St, Sapa City Center.
- Lowest reference room rate is about 3.64 USD.
Tavan Ecologic Homestay: Ta Van Commune, Lao Cai, Lao Chai - Ta Van, Sapa Provinces.
- Lowest reference room rate is about 4.33 USD.
Quyet Tinh Sapa Backpacker Hotel: 313 Dien Bien Phu, Lao Chai - Ta Van, Sapa.
- Lowest reference room rate is about 8.65USD.

What does Sapa travel have? Famous places to visit and travel in Sapa

In Sapa, there are many interesting places to visit and tour such as Ta Phin, O O Ho Ho, Bac waterfall, and Deep Chua village ... However, not all places to visit and travel in Sapa are free for tourists Guests, but there are some places you still lose your ticket. To help you better understand, below I would like to update the list of ticket prices to visit places in Sapa as follows:

Ham Rong Mountain VND 70,000.
Ta Tra - Ta Phin 30,000VND.
Sin Chai village 20,000VND.
Love Waterfall VND 35,000.
Lao Chai village - Ta Van - Ban Ho 40,000 VND.
Cat Cat Edition 40,000VND.
Silver Waterfall 10,000VND.

Dining in Sapa

Compared to the common ground in domestic tourist destinations, dining in Sapa is quite cheap. But due to Sapa travel cost of about 1 million, you need to save every expense to the maximum. Therefore, when traveling to Sapa, you should enjoy the familiar and rustic dishes such as: Shrimp noodle, rice with rice, bread ... with the price of about 20,000 VND / meal + 30,000VND of drinking water for 1 day. Due to walking to explore beautiful tourist attractions in Sapa, it will cost a lot of drinking water, so to save by eating rice, you should ask for drinking water at the rice shop.

Suggest Sapa 2 day 1 night travel schedule

Sapa 2 day 1 night tour schedule is ideal on Saturday and Sunday. However, to have more time, have fun, according to the fascinating and interesting Sapa travel experience, I recommend making the trip on Friday at 10pm and staying overnight on the train, the early morning Saturday is arrive.

The first day:

Take the Sapa tourist train from 10pm the night before and around 7am the next morning, you are already in Sapa. Then you take the bus to the hostel in Sapa to rest, then procedures for renting a motorbike to get the means to explore Sapa (When you hire, remember to negotiate a rent for 1.5 days only, to save money Sapa travel fee).

Take a break, then start your journey to discover Sapa. First you go to Ta Phin to visit the fallen church and have fun at the Ta Phin stream, then take a rest there to have lunch (You can eat ready food from home).

In the afternoon, you go up to visit the stone church in Sapa and return to the hotel to rest.

In the evening, take a walk around the lodge, or maybe go to some places such as Cau May Ancient Town, Sapa Lake Bank, the center of the Square and Sapa Market to enjoy the barbecue here is also great.

Return to the hotel to rest.

2nd day:

You wake up for breakfast, then go to O Quy Ho pass, O Quy Ho heaven gate, Silver waterfall, to have fun, explore the natural scenery here. Here you can enjoy dishes such as corn, baked potatoes, eggs are also very delicious.

- Return to love falls, then find a place to eat lunch.
In the afternoon, go back to the town or climb to the top of Ham Rong to discover the note, then return to the motel and hotel to return the car.

- Note: Remember the time to return the car for the right time, avoid having to pay extra fees.

Tidy up luggage, furniture and returned to Hanoi.

How much is the total cost of Sapa travel by train? How to travel cheap Sapa, save with 1 million

1 million Sapa tourist expenses include:

Train ticket to Sapa: VND 150,000 / ticket.
- Train ticket for departure + train ticket for return = VND 300,000.
Money for bus transportation to Sapa city center: VND 50,000 + motorbike rent VND 80,000 / day (1.5 days for about VND 120,000) + VND 50,000 for petrol and motorbike rental = VND 220,000.
Accommodation fee: About 150,000 VND. (Time 1.5 days).
Food and drink: VND 160,000 (VND 20,000 / meal + VND 30,000 for water / day).
The cost of sightseeing tickets is about VND 75,000 (Tourism is about 3 points, Ma Tra village, Ta Phin + Silver Waterfall + Tinh Yeu Waterfall).
Costs incurred outside: 95k
=> Total travel expenses Sapa ~ 1 million VND. just shared to you the whole experience of 2 days 1 night Sapa travel by train, self-sufficient from A-Z already. Hopefully, the above useful information will help you get the perfect Sapa trip with very cheap price. In addition, to make the trip more complete, you should also see more articles: Traveling to Sapa to buy something as a gift is also very interesting.

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