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Perhaps there is no profession that requires walking and labor like patrol - having to hike dozens of kilometers, check every track, screws ...

Perhaps there is no profession that requires walking and labor like patrol - having to hike dozens of kilometers, check every track, screws ...

There are many different jobs involved in the Railway industry, but the only quiet and lonely one to mention is the week of travel. Perhaps there is no profession that requires walking and is as tough as the railway patrol. Thanks to the patrol staff, the trains are guaranteed to be safe in traffic.

In the morning it was raining heavily, the sky was cloudy due to the influence of storm No. 2, we just arrived at the Bien Hoa station (Dong Nai). Mr. Le Ngoc Hoang, Team Leader of Bien Hoa Railway Team, said the Team manages 9 railway lines from Bien Hoa City to Dau Giay (Thong Nhat District) with a length of 48 kilometers.

To ensure the safety of train operation, there are 5 crews with 20 employees who are responsible for regularly patrolling to promptly detect damage and incidents of rails to report to the chief in time to handle.

On the railway line, there is Rach Cat bridge which is considered ... a bridge man, over 100 years old. This is a weak bridge that is regularly maintained by the team. The Bien Hoa supply patrol team currently has 4 members. One day is divided into 3 shifts, each 8-hour shift, so that it takes turns to go weekly. Both going and returning each totaled more than a dozen kilometers per patrol.

We follow Mr. Nguyen Dinh Mai (49 years old), the oldest street patrol worker here. Putting a kit on his shoulder, he leisurely take us along ... apprenticeship. In the bag he brought were wrench, wrench, screws, cannons, flags, train logs, tags, raincoats, bottles of drinking water ... Not too heavy but with the journey of more than ten kilometers, Must be someone with strong and supple legs to wear.

Right from the very first meters of the road, Mr. Mai observed it very carefully. Every track, every sleeper, the bolts ... all are seen. Small damage is done by the patrolman on the spot. Having encountered obstacles, major damage incidents, the patrolman playing the role of traffic police, has the right to decide to fire the ship to stop the train while waiting for handling to ensure safety. I felt during the week trip in me was a senseless, boring railway, but for Mr. Mai, the road was his close companion.

As he walked, Mr. Mai happily told his career story. He has been with the road patrol for more than 23 years, as a road patrol job, besides making a living, it requires love of the job to do, brothers often call each other "a railway doctor". Previously, he worked as a road patrol on Tánh Linh street (Bình Thuận), he was attached to the mountains and forests, saw elephants, monkeys with his own eyes… crossing the railway. At that time, the patrolman was very happy because at least he had a little bit of breath. breathe life in the solitary black night.

“Two years ago, while on a patrol through Buu Hoa ward, I discovered a young man removing track accessories. At that moment, I slammed the thief down, held the subject down tightly and then called the palace chief to hand over to the police for handling, "he said.

Another memorable memory for Mai is the case of a couple sleeping on the train tracks in the middle of the night. "When I was on patrol, I was able to wake up these two people in time to escape when the train was only a few hundred meters away. After a moment of daze, two young people thanked me," said Mai. sparkling joy.

During the journey, the patrol worker also cleaned the rails: picking up milk cartons, plastic bags, jammed garbage ..., without leaving any obstacles. At Km 1698, a household is repairing the house so that the multi-sheet material encroaches on the train track, Mr. Mai reminds the landlord to remove the brick and stone materials from the safety corridor. The landlord immediately apologized and happily complied. Mr. Mai said that it is not always the case, there are many people who are uncooperative or uncomfortable when prompted.

About 1 hour later, about 300m from the guardrail of Km 1696 + 458, heard the train from afar, the patrol worker confidently used a flag to raise it, announcing the safe route.

The train had just passed in the footsteps of the patrolman still walking on the track. When I walked all the way 3km to the guardrail, my feet were getting tired, my backpack with my camera heavy on my shoulder, sweating like a shower ... It was only 3km. The patrolman has to go all the way, even going back more than 10km.

Before that, we also had the opportunity to "apprentice" with the staff of Di An station patrol team (Binh Duong), Mr. Trinh Dinh Dinh (40 years old), with 16 years of working experience. During the 4km long railway from Di An station to the city border. Bien Hoa, we heard him tell his sad and happy feelings in his career. Mr. Dinh said that a patrolman's daily work is like a pre-programmed machine, seemingly simple but requires strong health and quick response to unexpected incidents on the road. ray.

“Although the job is monotonous, I still love the job and not find it boring. Both husband and wife work in the same railway industry. In a difficult time, my wife says whether or not you change career.

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