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Railway industry focuses on environmental protection on passenger ships, especially in waste treatment, ending discharge into the environment.

Railway industry focuses on environmental protection on passenger ships, especially in waste treatment, ending discharge into the environment.

On passenger trains on the North - South railway route and also on local routes such as Hanoi - Hai Phong, Hanoi - Lao Cai for about 4-5 years, the carriages are clean, no train smells are present. featured to discomfort, haunting passengers. In particular, the toilet room is much cleaner than before, there is no scene of direct discharge into the train track.

Ms. Han Nhu Quynh, Head of the International Cooperation Department - Science and Technology, Vietnam Railway Corporation, said that this is the result of the corporation's efforts in investing and implementing many solutions to ensure the environment. on passenger wagons in particular, the railway environment in general.

According to Quynh, solid waste on passenger ships consists of two main types: domestic solid waste, generated mainly from the disposal of passengers and industrial solid waste accounts for a very small proportion, arising from production activities of technical staff by train or from passengers, are collected to the workshop for examination and repair of wagons. Here, sort, store, transfer and handle in accordance with the law.

For daily-life solid waste, on each wagon, there are temporary garbage storage bins at the front of the wagon, small trash cans in each passenger compartment and in the toilet cubicle. The staff on the train will collect, use a bag to prevent spillage, cause spread to the environment and put it down the station. Then, the waste is transferred to the local environmental treatment units according to regulations.

Particularly for the waste caused by cleaning activities on the train, since 2015, Vietnam Railway Corporation has invested in a project to install septic sanitary equipment on 821 passenger carriages, ensuring compliance with the standard. of the Ministry of Transport.

Accordingly, all waste is collected and treated according to microbiological technology, ending the direct discharge to the railway, affecting the outside environment, and not causing odors and air pollution in the wagon. .

After this project, newly built and renovated passenger carriages will later install modern septic sanitary equipment, suitable for operating passenger trains. At the same time, there is a specific process in collecting and treating waste generated after a train operation.

Mr. Pham Van Bay, Head of the Saigon Train Station (Phuong Nam Railway Stewardess), said that at the departure station, the wagons were also cleaned by the professional cleaning team.

During the train's run, with the motto "the wagon is home", the staff in charge of the wagon must clean at least 3 times a day and with the spirit of "Don't do that, you don't want to clean it up somewhere". The trainmaster is responsible for checking and supervising the implementation.

In each bathroom there is a hygiene checklist for the trainmaster to comment. "This is one of the bases and criteria for evaluating the quality of service staff on wagons, thereby enhancing the staff's responsibility, keeping the wagon clean," said Bay.

Along with wagon cleaning, according to Mr. Bay, in order to ensure air quality and handle train odors in the closed air-conditioned vehicle environment, the railway sector also regulates periodically spraying deodorants; specified minimum air-conditioning temperature.

In addition, the Railway Medical Center will have staff periodically or irregularly check the environmental assurance on the train, from the air quality, the problem of waste ... Every month, spraying wagon, spraying insecticides such as cockroaches, aphids and seasonal spray prevention ...

Ms. Han Nhu Quynh said that by actively implementing the above solutions not only ensure the environment in passenger transportation, improve service quality, but also raise awareness of hygiene and protection. the environment of railway units, staff and passengers.

However, according to Quynh, in the work of ensuring the railway environment, there are still certain difficulties and limitations that need to be overcome. That is the lack of guidance documents, specialized standards on environmental quality on railway vehicles to base for application.

The investment in the project or concentrating science and technology resources to research and apply new solutions in railway waste treatment is still limited. On the other hand, there are currently no regulations on administrative handling for violations of environmental protection regulations in the railway sector ...

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