The three issues combined inform why the younger generation is wholly unfitted for organization and why business enterprise males are complaining everywhere that they can't get reliable helpers. The truth is the fact that the American youth lacks stamina. He can not and can not stick to something, merely mainly because he has no moral strength.

The adage is that "as the twig is bent, so may be the tree inclined." If the enterprise guys complain about the present-day youth, they need to think they have been trained differently. If they have been, it would show in their present conduct.

To get an notion regardless of whether their dissatisfaction is justified, I chosen for study fifteen men in quite a few companies. Of those, two had been merchants; three were railroaders; and ten were owners of factories. I put them all to this acid test of small business morality. Do precisely the same ethical requirements govern when business is bad, is fantastic, and is outstanding? Which is breitling replica watches for sale , in really hard instances, would they "cut a competitor's throat" In great occasions would they disregard contracts and use the stolen merchandise to gouge the public? In a word, had they the stamina to take a severe monetary loss and but retain their word

For example, I knew that the tough occasions of 1914 would bring out the worst or the top in all of them. My record shows that of the two merchants, 1 stood by his policy. He gave constant top quality and paid his bills. The other announced frequent bargain sales and sold shoddy goods at major costs over the bargain counters. I bought from his retailer "a $5.00 Blank hat" for $2.90. When I got it household, it turned out to be an ordinary $2.00 hat.

Of the three railroad males, a single maintained his road in outstanding situation and paid for the repairs out of earnings. tag heuer copy watches To complete so, he had to cut two per cent off his dividends. The other two robbed their roads and paid massive dividends to attract Wall Street.

Of the ten suppliers, eight maintained the high-quality of their solution in the old normal and went without the need of profit. Two did not. One place composition soles on his footwear and sold them for leather. The other made tools of highly polished soft metal and sold them as steel tools.

THE DOLLAR Value OF MORAL FIBER IN Business enterprise (Apr, 1917)

"The mother of one was a divorcee. That of one more kept a Pomeranian poodle."

Finally, an individual that makes sense! Now perhaps other folks will think me when I say that the monetary meltdown was in fact a secret plot by devious, amoral Pomeranians and not those poor, honest bankers swiss breitling replica watches .


by George H. Cushing

THE largest issue in American life these days is the fact that youngsters are usually not becoming disciplined. They are not offered moral education. Every man notes the result but only a number of the cause.

The very first visible result is lack of respect for the parent and wholesale disobedience. This comes to seed in impudence to older persons usually and disregard for the rights of other individuals.

The second expression of the identical issue may be the absence of any sense of responsibility. This is the root with the lack of application which can be practically universal within the younger generation. watch replica breitling

The third expression of your identical point would be the feverish demand for excitement and extravagant amusement. Within this respect, the younger generation is abnormal. It cuts loose from all forms of restraint.

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